Dresses and Skirts

Shorten hem day dress (plain): from £15.00

Shorten hem day dress (with lining): from £20.00

Shorten hem evening dress (plain): from £25.00

Shorten hem evening (long) dress with lining: from £35.00

Raise waist: £25.00

Take in/let out side seams (dress): from £20.00

Shorten Shoulder Straps: from £12.00

Take in zipper seams (dress): £25.00

Taper Corseted Dress: from £35.00

New dress zip: from £15.00 + £4.00 the zip

Pick up shoulders: £15.00

Take in/let out waist (skirts): £15.00

Take in/let out waist (zipped skirts): £20.00

Take in side seams only (skirts): £12.00

Take in side seams (zipped skirts): £20.00

Take in side seams to hem (skirts): £15.00

New skirt zip: from £15.00 + £4.00 zip


Made to measure dresses start from £230 (basic shift dress, no lining), £300 (basic shift dress with lining)


Blouses & Shirts

​Shorten sleeves (plain): from £12.00

Shorten sleeves (cuffs): £20.00

Shorten hem plain: £12.00

Take in side seams: £15.00


Alter simple hem : £16.00

Alter hem with tape: £18.00

Take in/let out waist: from £15.00

Take in/let out side seams: from £15.00

Taper legs: £20.00 


Shorten hem: £15.00

Shorten (keeping original hem): £16.00

Take in waist: £20.00

New zip: £17.00 + £3.00 zip


Jackets & Coats

Shorten VENTED Suit Sleeves: £27.00

Shorten/lengthen sleeves: from £15.00

Shorten sleeves from top: from £30.00

Shorten jacket/coat: from £25.00

Take in/let out centre seam: £15.00

Take in/let out side seams (with lining): £25.00

Take in/let out side seams (without lining): £20.00

Narrow shoulders: from £35.00

Relining: from £80.00

Zipper Replacement: from £25.00+ £3.00 zip

Restitch Buttons- £1 per button

Wedding Dresses

Shorten Plain with lining (2 layers) - from£50.00

Shorten Appliqué Lace dress with lining - from £75

Shorten beaded dress with lining - from £85

Add Layers -£10.00 each layer

Hem from waist - £80

Take in plain side seams - £35

Take in side seams with boning- from £42

Take in 2 seams with boning and beading- £50.00

Bodice altered from zip back to corset back - £75

Add bust cups - £25

Made to measure wedding dresses start from £600+materials.


Curtains - Price per metre width

Shorten Plain: £8.00

Shorten Lined: 12.00


Standard Alterations will take about 7-10 days to be ready for you.

EXPRESS SERVICE is available (within 24h or less)

   +50% added on the original price.

Other alterations available upon request